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February faves

What an excellent month it has been — for me and for the blog! I’ve finally felt the right combination of inspired and organized to keep up with the blog and create content that I’m proud of. And, astoundingly, people are reading!

Thanks to everyone who has been so enthusiastic in the Urban Garlic “community” (ugh, I need to find a better way to describe “people who like my blog”).

Back when I first started this blog I had a sort of “Things I’m loving lately” feature, which I used to enjoy doing, but I think I got more out of it than anyone else. But ya know what? I’m bringing it back!


My vegan-friendly wedding: Key items

Most people who know me know that I got married earlier this month. It’s been so strange the last few weeks getting used to not thinking about my wedding — even though it was a small event (only 30 people, including Jarrod and I), it was seemingly all that was on my mind, especially for the last two weeks. So not thinking about my wedding has me suddenly a little discombobulated! What do I do with all this space in my head!

JK, work and write, work and write, write and work, work and write! That was a cute little moment where I thought I’d never be stressed again.


From my closet: Dance class chic/urban casual

Welcome to my first outfit post — something I’ve wanted to get into for a while! As I’ve spent the summer evaluating the Urban Garlic identity and growth plan I’ve realized that I’d much rather be known as someone who provides inspiration for people on all topics, not just food.


Finding minimalism: How I’m changing my lifestyle


In my last post I mentioned that I was starting to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more on what some specific things are that I’m doing, and how it’s benefitted me.

First things first, I don’t call myself a “minimalist” because I find the label more prescriptive than descriptive, however I have been devoting myself to living a more minimalist life in all aspects — not just aesthetic.


Autumn project wish-list

fall wishlist

Here’s a fact that may shock and discredit you (— Lionel Hutz): I’m a white girl.

I know, surprise, right?

I love Arrested Development and vintage clothes and my totally over-done undercut and infinity scarves and, surprise, fall!

I know what you’re thinking: Jeezy Petes, another cute (pfffft) white girl blogger who loves fall. But here’s a newsflash for you, Walter Kronkite: I don’t care if it’s cliché!

Actually, that’s a philosophy I’ve embraced ever since I got my first tattoo: avoiding something because it’s cliché is just as bad as bandwagoning. And you know what? I’m way happier that way! So… *bursts out the door and jetés down the street* fuck it! Fuck it! Fuuuuck it!

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, being a white girl who loves fall.

Yup, can’t help it. Sweaters? Check. Ankle boots? Check. Curry? Check. Plaid flannel? HOLY FUCKING CHECK. Pints of cider in a dimly-lit pub? *furiously skates across a hockey rink and slams into another player* CHECK.

I think I have a reason to love every single season (you guys can all recall my childish freakouts over summer arriving, right?!) but there’s something about fall more than anything that puts me in a creative mood. Actually, that “something” isn’t really an intangible mystery, it’s always been quite clear to me: the lifestyle bloggers go nuts, we’re encouraged to spend more time inside, and grocery stores are overflowing with pumpkin this-and-thats.

There are a few things I want to try this month, and if successful I will definitely be sharing! Here’s my fall wish-list:


  • Come up with my own pumpkin spice syrup. I’m  not able to have the Starbucks PSL, but I do enjoy pumpkin flavour in things, and it’s probable worth a try!
  • If that fails, I’d like to create my own cinnamon chai concentrate.
  • Create a vegan beer gravy, hopefully one similar to the gravy at our favourite vegan restaurant in the city, Porter House!
  • Try our hands at some savoury pies or pocket pies. My Mom makes this very creamy savoury chicken hand pie, so I’d like to do a vegan take on that with mushrooms or maybe tempeh. Again, nothing ever compares to Porter House’s lentil ale pasty, but I can try, darn it!
  • Play around more with seitan — we made our first batch this summer, and it was way easier than we thought. We’ve yet to try the simmering method, though, but we’ve got plans, I tell ya. No Whey No Cow has a great-looking recipe we’re going to try.
  • Perfect my chocolate chai scones — I made batch #1 last week for Jarrod and his friend and they were pretty good, but the next step is figuring out the icing situation. I’ve never been much of an icing girl, so wish me luck!
  • Create my own signature curry dish. I remember being 16 and trying curry for the first time thinking, “The fudge is this?!” Now I go just crazy for curry — it’s usually the one guarantee I can join my friends at a British pub and have a vegan option. I think fall is just plain curry time, don’t you? A Beautiful Mess recently posted a pumpkin curry recipe too, so, like, don’t even get me started (but actually, I will get started. Right now).
  • Hmmmmm, just now I got a great idea for a pumpkin pizza sauce. Am I crazy? Pumpkin pizza? Sorry guys, it’s going to happen.
  • I’m going to try a vegan take on The House of Muses’ Honey and Oat bread — Earth Balance, almond milk and brown rice syrup, perhaps?

Crafts and home organization:

  • Time to finally try to sew my own mittens. Even if it’s something as simple as sweater mittens, that’d be perfect!
  • I’d also love to upcycle one of my own hoodies or do something with the secondhand denim jacket I found at the magazine where I used to work. Nothing too complicated — something like this floral front pocket or
  • Have some fun with knitting. My friend Drew taught me to knit at the Purple Purl (Leslieville), where I was able to find some great vegan wool. I’m no expert, but I’d love something to spend my veg-out time doing instead of just reading online articles or mindlessly playing 2048 (I don’t have a problem, I swear)! My good friend Jordanna at The House of Muses recently posted a great aggregate of beginner knitting resources on her blog, and for those of you who are already more advanced, her Yarn Along series is a great source of inspiration, following along with her own long-term projects!
  • Our apartment is coming together nicely, but now it’s time to finish up the second bedroom. I’m confident we can get a futon in there by Christmas, and we can officially have our guest bedroom/”office” space in operation.
  • I’ve been looking for a few creative ways to display and/or store my records. Since I acquired my dad’s record collection, I’ll no longer have the fun/challenge of putting all my records on display (there are simply too many!) but we recently bought two Ribba shelves from IKEA where we can store a few for display. Then maybe something like this for storing the rest?
  • I’d like to add some warmth to our bedroom — it’s nice, it’s clean, but  something about it is a bit… cool. Time to try to find some simple ways to add warmth and colour.
  • We also need to organize our new (awesome!) bathroom shelf. Jar may be the one who has a lot of living room knickknacks, but I’m the one who has all the shit in the bathroom. Something simple like farmers’ market baskets might even help de-clutter and organize the shelves!
  • We have to get the art up. HAVE TO.
  • After all that is done? We have to do a housewarming party. Because, duh!
  • And I’d love to share our home, once it’s done, on my blog. 🙂

Fashion and beauty:

  • I’ve been a fan of plaid and flannel shirts for awhile,  but I’d like to find a cool way to take my signature look and make it more fashionable. Seriously, how do these pretty girls make it look so easy?
  • I suffer from fairly irritating seasonal allergies in the fall (ragweed), and that means wearing my contact lenses way less. I recently had to return a pair of glasses I ordered for being really  just wrong for my face, so I’m currently shopping around for some new styles. What do you think of this pair by Love? I tried it on the other day and even though it’s very different for me (I haven’t had a non-black pair of glasses since high school) I was kind of into it.
  • Time to have some fun with a darker lipstick look. I recently purchased the e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Lipstick in Blackberry and I’ve never owned a lipstick so dark! I’ve got a little bit of planning to do in terms of how to make it work, but when I do, I guarantee I’ll share it with you in a blog post.
  • Fall = layering = actually somehow making my ballerina look kind of fashionable. I’ve been thinking of creating a blog post on the one “look” I occasionally rock, which is a combination of inspiration from both my history as a dancer and my upbringing listening to punk and grunge music.
  • I have a huge goal of finding a pair of waterproof boots that get as much mileage as my old Bogs did in university.

Well… phew… that’s it. 1248 words later and those are all the things I hope to accomplish this fall.

… shit.

But really, it’ll be fun, and actually kind of easy if I allow myself to have fun (and that shouldn’t be a problem). So what are your goals for this fall? How does the season inspire you? What’s the deal with pumpkins? Comment below to share what you’ll be getting up to as sweater-and-quilt season approaches!

Spread the love: September edition

Spread the Love

One tradition I really do miss from the “old days” of my blog was my “things I’m loving lately” series. I always knew I’d keep the tradition alive, but I did re-name the series since every single lifestyle blog on the planet calls these posts “things I’m loving lately.”

I don’t want to sound silly or anything, but Urban Garlic really is all about love, you know? Love for yourself, love for animals, love of food and cooking (do I sound obnoxious? Don’t care!) So this is me spreading the love to some of my favourite things right now. Here goes:

  1. I’ve started using Ritual lately when I don’t pack a lunch. I work in a really busy, corporate-but-stylish area of Toronto (Adelaide and Spadina), meaning every restaurant (particularly those with vegan and/or healthy options) is packed at lunch time. Ritual is a really good way for me to speed up the process. Even my coffee orders go way faster now. For those who don’t know how it works, Ritual is an app (available for Android or iOS) that connects you with downtown Toronto restaurants. You place an order and pay for it on your credit card, and it’s available for pickup when you come in. It’s a great line-skipper! (Note: Ritual is still in beta, but if you know someone with the app, they can invite you. You can also access the app if your company has already been approved and you have an email address with the company).
  2. I finally worked up the courage to spend $600 on a blender and got a Vitamix. For how much I make that is blended, the purchase made a lot of sense and thus far I am in love with it. I love that it came with a straining bag, which I’ve been using to make some fresh juices lately.
  3. I’ve always used ground turmeric in a lot of recipes, but fresh tumeric really enhances anything that you like to give a bit of savoury tanginess to. The little roots kind of look like strange turds (yep, I went there).
  4. Buckwheat has become my go-to grain lately. I love blending buckwheat groats into porridge or into creamy sauces, grinding it into a flour or topping my smoothies with it. You’ll see a sweet buckwheat recipe coming to the blog in a few days, so stay tuned!
  5. After a year of being obsessed with Mac DeMarco (who is only my age, which is hard to believe) I’ve gone down that rabbit hole of finding new, trippy dream-pop artists and have come across the British musician King Krule. He’s a small-looking ginger Brit with a crazy-unique voice and some awesome, grungy, hip-hop influenced music that can’t really be placed on the genre spectrum (I’ve tried).
  6. My Tilt campaign recently finished for my e-book (and I’ve decided on a title/theme for it, too, which will be revealled in an upcoming post)! My experience with Tilt was amazing and I can’t wait to continue using it. It’s not just a crowd-funding platform, it’s actually also a really cool way to collect money for group things — like if you’re all going on a trip and you want a central platform to add the funds to, instead of worrying about collecting cash in person.
  7. I developed a love affair with Target when I went to Chicago this summer (I spent about $75 U.S. in the store!!) and bought a giant tub of Just Mayo. I’ve never experienced a more perfect mayonnaise. NEVER. For those with allergy concerns, the mayo is not only 100% vegan but is also free of soy and gluten, AND it’s proudly a non-GMO company if that’s a concern for you. I’m just hoping my container will last me until Jarrod and I go to New York for Christmas.
  8. Kaelyn Gray’s Tap Dance Tutorials have been a tremendous resource for me over the past three months. I’ve been using a lot of her techniques and combos to enhance my own kids’ lessons. If you’re a tap teacher or even just a tap dancer looking to get back into the groove and diversify your steps, I’d highly recommend these videos.
  9. This past spring, Logical Harmony released its vegan list of Kat Von D’s makeup line, and most of the brand is indeed vegan. I’m in love with pretty much everything, but my absolute favourite product is the Shade & Light contour kit. I love contour SO MUCH (WAY TOO MUCH) and use this whenever there’s some sort of special occasion or outing. It really makes my bone structure stand out.
  10. You know what the bread and butter (or, bread and Earth Balance) of this blog is garlic (my publisher, who started reading my blog, recently asked me, “What is it with you and garlic?!”) so naturally, last weekend, my partner and I went to the garlic festival. We weren’t too stoked about the festival in general, but we did walk away with our new favourite thing — a plate for grinding up garlic! It comes with a crazy little rubber tube for taking the garlic skin off, and you can honestly just mash the garlic into a fine puree right on the dish. Woot! We mixed a couple cloves of  pureed garlic in with a few tablespoons of Earth Balance and some dried parsley flakes and voila, we had a nice garlic butter for our toast!

Things I’m Loving Lately: May Edition

May is finished! Woah! And that brings us to my favourite month: (wait for it) JUNE! (Weren’t expecting that, were you)?

Now, I could tell you that June is my favourite month because it’s the month of my birthday and you’d probably believe me, right? Well, as a matter of fact, even if I were born in, say, November (the WORST month) I bet June would be my favourite month. Why? C’mon, it’s obvious. Long days, warm weather (without that awful, pervasive heat-wave feel), sunshine, and the end of school!

Wait, it’s been about ten years since June meant “the end of school.” Oy, I feel old.

But still, I’m making a strong case for June, right?

Here are a few favourites I discovered or simply used a lot of in May. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

  1. Lush U.K.’s SunblockI was shocked to know that you can’t actually buy vegan sunscreen in Canada. Why? Because sunscreen sold in Canada MUST be tested on animals. How silly! I’m in California right now (like, RIGHT NOW!) and this little bar is saving my Irish ass.
  2. I actually bought a romper. I love myself for that.
  3. Kat Von D makeup has been one of those up-in-the-air brands that had murmurs and rumours about that it was vegan/cruelty-free, but there was no confirmation. Recently, Logical Harmony certified Kat Von D makeup as cruelty-free and listed their vegan products — almost all of them! I now own a KVD lipstick, concealer AND eyeliner, and I can’t wait to show off some of the interesting looks I’ve been creating.
  4. I’m not just loving my cat Benny “lately,” I’ve loved him forever, but lately I’ve been loving posting pictures and videos of him on Instagram. My cat is just so funny-looking I have to share him with the world (you should follow me! You’ll see some of my sister’s jerk cats there too).
  5. I want to give a special shout-out to my favourite climbing gym in the GTA, Climber’s Rock. I mean, that’s aside from my home gym (I will always love you, TCA). But Climber’s Rock, located in Burlington, is a fantastic gym to travel to from time to time! There are some great beginner routes and a few auto-belays, so you can work without a partner, two large boulder areas, plenty of high, challenging lead walls, and even a great yoga studio and fitness area.
  6. Another great space to shout out to is Hub 14, a creative arts space for local creators to rehearse, create content and even perform in. I’ve been rehearsing at Hub 14 lately. It’s located in the Queen and Bathurst area and feels so wonderfully private.
  7. How did I find Hub 14? Actually, that’s another thing I’m loving lately: Space Finder Toronto. This is a great, easy way to find a space to rehearse in — or have a meeting, or teach a lesson, or record a song. It’s easy to find and book space and sort by price too!
  8. I recently bought these jeans from GAP and they make my legs look fantastic.
  9. A few great articles I’ve read recently about the politics of food: A Plea for Culinary Modernism, which is critical of the way we romanticize the “old-fashioned” food and cooking styles, and The new religion: how an emphasis on “clean eating” has created a moral hierarchy for food. I will say that I disagree (or am just plain confused by) the latter’s views on veganism to an extent (it seems to believe that the only reason people are vegan is to feel “pure” themselves and leaves animal liberation out of the conversation entirely), but that said I think it is astute (and yes, harsh) and a strong point to compare food and the emphasis on “clean eating” to religion.
  10. One of my favourite vegans in the world, Evelyn aka NourishNotPunish (a fellow fructmal) has recently published a raw vegan cheesecake made. without. cashews. or. dates. I actually haven’t made this cheesecake yet, but I WILL! Because, uh, it’s summer time, and my birthday is coming up!

That’s it for this month’s link love and ravings! June will surely be full of a lot of adventures. I’ll make sure to post pics from California (if they even turn out alright) so you can see how this pale Irish-Canadian loser deals with the city of dreams.

Things I’m loving lately: April Edition


Well, April flew by so quickly you’d swear it was February! Considering during this month my team moved offices, I got sicker than I’ve ever been before, went through a whirlwind job interview process, got a new job and still managed to squeeze in tons of dance lessons (both taking and teaching), rock climbing and time with my friends and family, I’m pretty satisfied with how everything went down. All I can think about is how I can’t wait for things to keep moving forward. I’ve had this real ice-in-my-veins sensation lately, like things are really, really happening for me. I love it! I feel like I’ve hardly had time to think about my Loving Lately post this month, but here are a few things I’ve pulled together that I want to share with the world.

  1. The House of Muses is a great blog by my dear longtime friend, Jordanna. It’s a great place for recipes, creative projects and sharing a love of learning. Recently, Jordanna posted an extremely thorough blog on DSLR photography for bloggers — something I’ll be paying a lot of attention to over the next few months. Check out that post and her blog in general, because both are fantastic.
  2. One of my favourite stores to browse around in when I was attending university in Waterloo, ON was Delirium. Okay, it might seem a little Hot Topic, but I’ve always been a fan of their vintage-inspired, edgy feminine designs. Now that I actually have money, I was able to FINALLY make my first purchase from Delirium a few weeks ago — a lovely orange skirt with bicycles on it.
  3. I recently picked up a great vegan cookbook, Straight from the Earth by mother daughter team Myra and Marea Goodman. I’ve already had fun making some of their light-tasting but very interesting (and totally summery) recipes, like the chocolate mint coconut ice cream and the cilantro mint iced tea. I’d highly recommend this book — I can’t wait to try the seared polenta!
  4. This seems like a really, REALLY weird thing to post about, but my world was rocked yesterday when I discovered that Command/Control+K is a shortcut that allows you to insert a hyperlink. You’re welcome.
  5. I’ve got myself down to a great beauty routine for my skin. You ready for this? It’s just pure castile soap and sweet almond oil. Yep, that’s it. Lathering up with a bit of Dr. Bronner’s (I use the citrus scented one) and scrubbing thoroughly with something a bit abrasive (like a facecloth, bristle brush or even a loofah) and then just a small amount of almond oil after a shower. I’m still working on a post about caring for tattoos (I’ve recently just gotten the outline of number five done!) and I can’t wait to show you some of my “secrets.”
  6. That said, when I feel like getting a bit more luxurious and soapy, this is my current favourite scent. (Pffft, “men’s?” Can we stop gendering scents?)
  7. The Evergreen Brick Works market is becoming more active in this lovely weather, and more and more vendors are springing up. I’d recommend all Torontonians take a visit to this wonderful hub of great food, locally-made goods and green education. Also, lots of dogs walking around. Best.
  8. Kate Jablonski’s latest competitive work has been amazing this season. This dance, Fidelity, will warm the heart of anyone, dancer or not.
  9. Recently I’ve been trying to get more into building things for myself and getting to know technology a bit more, just through practice. I’ve come across plans for a Raspberry Pi BMO (from Adventure Time!) that plays a Nintendo emulator that I want to work on this summer. It helps that my partner owns two Raspberry Pis that he’s not doing anything with.
  10. My partner and I recently celebrated our six month anniversary and we did so (in style!) at The Ace diner in Roncesvalles. The Ace is a really cool atmosphere inside. It’s not obnoxiously “foodie”-like, it’s just a little quirky, and the food is delicious. There aren’t TOO many vegan dishes, but there are a few — and some great sorbets. We have developed a bit of a tradition of eating at the bar instead of a table.

That’s it for my link love! I’m off to go celebrate my newfound freedom. Keep an eye out next week for some more great recipes, including a cake (who doesn’t love a good cake?!) and an entry on changing careers and thriving in journalism.

Things I’m loving lately: March edition

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

And just like that, March is over. Crazy how February is the shortest month and yet March zoomed by like nothing compared to cold, sad February.

Must be something about the weather. You know, it’s funny, everyone around me is complaining about how spring “came and went” and how we’re “back to winter.” I say, have some perspective, people! Is it not so much warmer than it was a month ago? And is it not like we’re down at -20 or even -10. A few degrees below the zero won’t kill us. And look beyond the number on the thermometer. We have sunnier days, earlier sunrises and later sunsets. Lots to be glad about, if ask me.

And I have a lot of things to be glad about, too! Here’s my list of things I’m loving lately.

  1. Jackfruit. I tried the jackfruit sandwich at Porter House recently and I was in heaven. I’d heard a lot about jacfruit, but I never imagined it could be so savoury and amazing! I’ll definitely be picking up a few chunks of jackfruit (did you know that a full jackfruit weighs about 30 lbs and costs around $120 to buy in Toronto, if you can even find one? And opening it is basically surgery). But expect some jackfruit recipes up here soon.
  2. Arkells’ new music video, “Hey Kids!” I was a big fan of “Leather Jacket” but hoped they would follow it up with something a bit more fun and lively. The kids in this music video are adorable, and “Hey Kids” is also really fun to play on the piano.
  3. My old haircut. That’s right, I’ve been a pixie for a month and I miss the mohawk. GIMME SOME CLIPPERS!
  4. The Piston on Friday nights, aka Motown nights. I love a good funk, retro or Motown night. If you live in Toronto and feel like getting down without all that sweaty grinding, check out the Bloor and Ossington area.
  5. Lemonade. I was just saying to my partner that when the weather warms up and we get into “patio weather,” I actually don’t really like drinking alcohol outside that much. I get really bad heat stroke, and alcohol only makes me more tired and nauseated. But I’m one of those people who has just as much fun (probably more) without any booze in my drink, and lemonade is by far my favourite non-alcoholic drink. I’m looking at experimenting with some lemonade recipes this spring, and I’ll definitely be sharing my more successful ones!
  6. I like things that are low-maintenance, so this yeast-free thin-crust pizza dough recipe is really turning my crank. I can just imagine my perfect pizza. Tomato sauce, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and onion. What, that’s totally normal, right?
  7. Disclaimer: I don’t work for, hold stock in or have sponsorship by Old Navy. Just clarifying because I do realize that this is the second time in two months I took to my blog to brag about an Old Navy purchase. But this jersey “fit and flare” dress is hands down the most comfortable yet elegant things I’ve ever worn. I can honestly fool anyone into thinking I’m sophisticated!
  8. Pacifica’s Purify coconut water cleansing wipes are always with me in my backpack or purse. I almost never wear makeup, which helps my skin stay really youthful and healthy, but when I do — or even when I don’t — these wipes are a great pick-me-up throughout the day, especially now that it’s getting sunnier.
  9. Death Cab for Cutie’s Kintsugi is being streamed online. Go. Go now.
  10. I’ve finally been able to make the vow to commit to a new show (wow, Bree, what a mature, adult commitment there!) and I’ve chosen — Broad City. Expect me to get into my comfy jammies tonight and watch the first season or so.

I Love My City: Freedom Clothing Collective

You know what’s funny? I’ve been perpetually going over the East/West debate in my mind in Toronto. While most of the time my tastes swing East (I’m an in-bed-by-10-up-by-6-even-on-a-Saturday kind of girl), every time I find myself in Kensington Market, Parkdale, Dufferin Grover or on the Ossington strip, I find myself saying, “West is best.”

Magenta from Grassroots recommended I check out Freedom Clothing Collective, a local co-op shop near Bloor and Ossington showcasing local Toronto fashion and accessory designers. I’ve never been much of a fashion girl (she says draped in a too-large hoodie and generic Old Navy jeans) but I’ve always looked at locally-made clothes differently. It feels like I’m not just buying/wearing clothes — I’m buying/wearing art! I’m showcasing creations made by individuals working hard to make this world a funkier place, and who wouldn’t want that?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetOwners and curators Karen and Jelena are both designers in their own right and, much like their store, have equally funky and dreamy creations for body and home.

Here’s a bit about my experience at Freedom Clothing Collective: First of all, I was pleased as punch that Freedom is not just about clothes — in fact, I was far more enthralled with the accessories and sweet home accents. With sweet earrings, nifty printed cards and big ticket items like tables and lamps, I was legitimately close to outfitting my life with items from this shop.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetBut alas, here’s what I walked away with: A locally-made (vegan!) glossy botanical lip balm, two pairs of earrings (they have a two-for-one sale, so I picked up some sweet black rose earrings and some great green button earrings, as seen on me here) and, of course, a chocolate bar. I’m sorry, but I can only walk by those things so many times before I cave.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetMuch like my time at Grassroots, I felt really relaxed in the store. Jelena was not only really friendly (to be expected in a place like this) but she didn’t do the whole retail-pressure thing. We mostly talked about vegan cheese, socks, and why Bloor and Ossington rocks.

I may or may not have taken a foray into Bloomer’s a block away for some vegan muffins and even a coffee with a shot of vegan Bailey’s. Yep, I’m shameless.

You can find Freedom Clothing Collectige online, on Facebook or on Instagram to check out all the latest pieces of amazing fashion and accessories they carry. If you’re looking to get into local and want to showcase some real art through your clothing, this is the place!