Here’s the scoop — for the past two weeks, my editor has been at the NewFronts in New York, meaning I’ve been running the ship here. I’ve also been getting a TON of news because, well, it’s NewFronts! If you don’t know what NewFronts is, just smile and nod. Basically, I’ve been a busy, busy, busy girl, but I have been writing UG content — just waiting to carve out the time to get it online and organize it.

Here are a few updates to share with you:

  • I’ve started writing a lot of lifestyle content! Ever since my “Starbucks experiment” last fall I’ve been really devoted to living my life in a budget-friendly way and I want to share some of the things I’ve learned.
  • I’m also personally getting more into style. I don’t think I’ll start doing style-bloggery anytime soon, but maybe I’ll share some of my outfits of the day!
  • I bought my first purse, which is kind of a big deal.
  • I’m turning 27 in a month! Holy crap!
  • My parents are about to celebrate their 33rd anniversary, and they haven’t even killed each other yet. How about a round of applause for that?
  • Recital season is coming up, and naturally, I’m terrified.
  • I have a new hairstyle I’m working toward! Undercut grow-out? I know it sounds tricky, but trust me guys, I got this!

Anyway, sorry for the lightning-fast update — I’ll have some great new smoothie bowls running out later this week!