No losses this week — only wins. Here are some of the highlights of the past week.

  • Last week I attended the Earl Haig Secondary School 2016 Dance Night. What a show that was! One of my studio’s seniors took part in the show and danced so beautifully, along with the rest of her classmates. It was wonderful to see the amazing choreography and dance education that is being taught in this school. At the end of the night she was also awarded the Gr. 12 dance award, and I swear I started crying in the audience. What a great night it was!
  • I found out what was causing the rash in my eye, and I’ve actually gotten it to calm down a bit. I’ll be discussing that in an upcoming post on new vegan household and personal products I’ve been using lately.
  • This past weekend was a total balcony weekend. We spent so much time outside, either on the balcony or taking walks, playing with Ben, planning our dream balcony (on Sunday I’ll be bringing my winter tires, which I’ve previously stored on my deck, to my mom’s place, so that’ll free up some space).
  • My hair has been friggin’ on point lately!
  • So have my pirouettes! Whoop whoop!
  • I’ve been consistently climbing V3s as I get more into bouldering. I’ve spent the past year doing sport climbing 90% of the time so I’ve decided it’s time to get a bit more varied in my climbing. Mainly because I want to be Alex Puccio. Or marry her. One of those.
  • A new vegan soft serve place has opened in Toronto — I should get on that shit!