Can you believe May has already come and gone? It’s hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly since I revamped my  blog in January – and while posting twice a week, I hadn’t missed a post yet!

Until yesterday. Oops.

Things have been a tad crazy this week and will likely continue to be crazy for a couple weeks! I have to use this Sunday to get a little caught up on the blog. But I’ve been delighted to know that a lot more people have been reading my blog (including some of my co-workers!) so I hope you guys will all bear with me and be patient. Some great summer recipes planned, so gear up!

In the meantime, here’s an extensive list of things I’ve been loving (loving!) lately.

  1. Fiddleheads: It’s fiddlehead season! I love sauteeing these guys in some vegan butter with garlic and a generous sprinkling of salt, along with some lightly sauced tofu and greens.
  2. Alba Botanica face sunscreen: I’m no longer wearing as much foundation (or makeup in general) as I used to, but I am making sure to get SPF’d the F up! This sunscreen is high in SPF and is vegan-friendly (which is hard to find in Canada) and I never leave home without it these days.
  3. Kind Exchange: I took a vow to not buy any new clothes for a year in an effort to become happier with my wardrobe and lessen my environmental impact. If I do buy clothes, they must be from secondhand or vintage stores. Kind Exchange is a small chain in Toronto (with one Mississauga location) that has great curated finds for good prices and is actually transparent about proceeds and practices. I’ll be posting more about my clothing challenge this month, so stay tuned!
  4. Spotify’s Morning Jazz playlist I’m super into jazz lately, and this playlist is a great choice for chilling on the balcony, watching the sun rise with Jarrod and Ben.
  5. Good Things Café and Juice Bar: This new cafe opened in Toronto last month in the Broadview and Dundas area and I have been loving it! While it is not strictly vegan (there are a few desserts and mains that are not vegan) I’d estimate it’s about 90% vegan and very easy to enjoy a meal there. Sunny as heck and good smoothies. Not bad for the east end!
  6. Coconut oil+sugar scrub (3x per week): I’m trying to simplify my skincare routine. Bar soap only, a bit of oil for moisture, and three times per week scrubbing my face with a mix of equal parts coconut oil and coconut sugar (about 2 tsp each). I have slightly oily skin that also has dry patches, and this is good for an overall “glow” that leaves my skin feeling very clean before bed!
  7. Holly’s article on Anthropologie-inspired DIYs (especially the gilded desk organizer): For someone who reads as many apartment/lifestyle/design blogs as I do, I certainly have a plain-looking home. I’ve dreamed of having an apartment that looks like it belongs on Apartment Therapy, but I’m just not willing to spend the money on all those trinkets. Anyway, this round-up by Holly at The Financial Diet has me totally inspired. I’m not exactly a DIY queen, but I do like that most of these DIYs are small-scale… and hell, I’m even feeling tempted to try the Farmhouse Table one of these days.
  8. Flip & Tumble reusable produce bags: We’ve been making efforts to really reduce our waste (if you can’t tell from some of the other posts on here) and we honestly thought produce bags would be one of the harder things to replace. There are so many options on Amazon. These are the ones I ended up going with… and yes, they wash well, even after I loaded them up with Fiddleheads!
  9. 13 Reasons Why, Season 2: I loved it. Sue me.
  10. Carly Cristman’s speed clean/unpacking video: It’s no secret around here that I love Carly Cristman, and her speed-cleaning videos honestly put me at ease… and make me feel like I can totally take on the clutter in my living room and office space!