Most people who know me know that I got married earlier this month. It’s been so strange the last few weeks getting used to not thinking about my wedding — even though it was a small event (only 30 people, including Jarrod and I), it was seemingly all that was on my mind, especially for the last two weeks. So not thinking about my wedding has me suddenly a little discombobulated! What do I do with all this space in my head!

JK, work and write, work and write, write and work, work and write! That was a cute little moment where I thought I’d never be stressed again.

For anyone wondering: no, I did not have a completely vegan wedding, but everything I was directly involved with/consumed was vegan. My parents hosted the wedding at their house, and they are a little old-fashioned when it comes to veganism — when I informed them that our wedding cake was vegan, my Mom’s response was a genuinely concerned, “Well, what are the non-vegans going to eat?”

Of course, my Mom knows now that it doesn’t work that way, but she still wanted to offer an omnivorous spread to our omnivorous guests, so Mom and Dad barbecued some burgers and sausages and put together some… well, egg and cheese-filled salads (of the guests, there was only one other vegan and one vegetarian, but I still wanted to offer a plant-based choice for anyone who was curious, whether vegan or omni).

It was still important that I live the day true to my values and ethics, so I made sure my shoes, makeup, hair and all accessories were vegan — because veganism doesn’t just stop at the food!

Here are a few of my vegan choices for my wedding — take a gander!

  • Shoes: Olsenhaus Pure Vegan Classic Nude
  • Lipstick: Milk Makeup Lip Color in Wifey (I didn’t pick it because of the name, but, well…)
  • Vegan main course: BBQ jackfruit (I improvised a recipe for a sauce, but it was mostly ketchup, sriracha, maple syrup, tamari and a little bit of whiskey)
  • Vegan salad: Seven-layer salad (with chickpeas/hearts of palm mixed instead of just chickpeas, and the tempeh bacon replaced with sunflower bacon crumble)
  • Cookies: Apiecalypse Now! shortbread cookies (assorted flavours)
  • Cool novelty drink: Simp’s Syrups Serious Caesar mix

For anyone wondering, the cake was made special by Jarrod’s sister, who is a pastry chef at Mission Hill Winery in West Kelowna. It was a vegan chocolate cake with buttercream icing, raspberries, raspberry jam, pistachios and chocolate truffles. Here it is!

Be jealous. 😉