Welcome to my first outfit post — something I’ve wanted to get into for a while! As I’ve spent the summer evaluating the Urban Garlic identity and growth plan I’ve realized that I’d much rather be known as someone who provides inspiration for people on all topics, not just food.

Fear not, for I’m still a veggie-lovin’ pro-vegan food-obsessed ethical nightmare! But darn it, I just want a place to talk fashion and style where I don’t have to deal with watching my friends’ eyes glaze over in front of me (we’ve all had those moments, right?) while also recommending great, affordable, vegan-friendly looks.

My look is definitely a little tomboyish because I grew up valuing convenience and comfort more than style, and I like a certain amount of athleticism in everything I wear. I’ve never been an edgy or fashion-forward dresser, but in the last two years I’ve been inspired by a few bloggers and stylists to start actually defining my personal style. Little by little I’ve taken risks, added some edge to my style and experimented with looks that will actually get me noticed — while still feeling comfy.

This look was designed for maximum comfort — I actually wore it on the train/plane/train/subway ride to our destination in NY — while tricking people into thinking I gave a damn. The very plunging neckline of the bodysuit may be tricky to pull off if you’re not into showing skin (it also helps for more flat-chested ladies like myself) but it could easily be subbed in with a more camisole-style cut.

I’m a big fan of balancing proportions; comfy and flowy on the bottom while fitted on the top (usually I prefer the opposite, but this was a good day to experiment). The sweater I’m wearing will probably pop up a lot in my fashion posts — it’s a total do-it-all sweater that’s very light and breezy for in-between seasons. Just ignore the teeny tiny mustard stain!

I like this look because I can go to dance class in it or go shopping in it, and I don’t feel like I need to change into anything more comfy when I get home!

My look:

Bodysuit: American Apparel
Joggers: Danskin
Shoes: NewBalance
Sweater: Titika
Sunglasses: Vintage


See something that’s not vegan? I try to do my research but everyone slips up. Let me know and I will promptly remove it!