It’s crazy to think about how different my life was one year ago. Yes, I was living in the same apartment with Jarrod and Ben. Yes, I was working in the same office — in fact, despite a couple desk changes, I’m actually only about six feet away from where I was a year ago.

But in late August of 2016, something changed: the magazine I was working for was discontinued. I lost my job. Sort of.

My editor and I were both transferred to vacant roles in the company — which is definitely better than losing our jobs would have been! I ended up a writer on a magazine covering advertising and media buying. I was no longer writing about YouTubers, online content creation, sponsored content and the like.

But after two years of writing about it, I started to think: hey, why can’t I do this?

I’ve always loved Urban Garlic, but there are some times that I just feel like I’d connect more with an audience if I could, well, talk to you guys. I really like working with video — I learned Premiere Pro in high school, so I’ve got the editing side down. Filming? Well, as you’ll see, I’ve still got a lot to learn. Lots of hand-held shakies and apartment echoes.

But in general I thought this would be a fun way to start trying some new things — and I know if I have the time and the learning experience, I’ll only get better at those little things!

Just in case one of my four readers are wondering (HAH!) this will not replace Urban Garlic the blog. I still plan to post my actual recipes on here, and allow my YouTube presence to focus as something separate but related — complementary content.

Also, I know I’ve spoken out about how I find the YouTube vegan corner to be a bit catty, but that doesn’t mean I have an inherent dislike for YouTube. I also respect vloggers’ desire to make an income through sponsored content and I have nothing against sponsored content that is properly disclosed — so I’m totally not anti-YouTube (obviously)!

Anyway, here’s my first video on essential staples to have in your vegan kitchen — let me know what kind of feedback you have (besides “stop saying ‘um'” and “get a mic” because I know both of those things and am working on ’em)!