Monthly Archives: June 2016

Photography goals

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in almost a year: I whipped out my DSLR.

I used it (mostly in auto mode) to take a few clunky self-portraits for my upcoming vegan lipstick post (look for it this week!) and ended up making a fairly crude home “studio.”

What can I say? I caught a bit of a photography bug.


Vegan 101: Your basic pancake recipe


Pancakes were not a very frequent breakfast in my house, but when they were we’d make the biggest deal out of them. Which is funny, because my Dad usually just used boxed Aunt Jamima pancakes and our only toppings were salted butter and maple syrup (however, despite not really being a purist when it came to boxed pancakes, my Dad was kind enough to provide us with our Pepere’s own maple syrup which came from land his friends owned, as opposed to typical store-bought table syrup). (more…)